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Salad Cutlery - Bamboo and Golden

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Set of 2 high quality stainless steel salad cutlery, gold plated and natural bamboo handle.

For those who like a classic table with a contemporary touch!

To be trendy is to be sustainable!

Size: 30 cm's


Bamboo is a natural raw material, which provides a natural, elegant and at the same time rustic look to any table.

AIn addition, the cutlery with a bamboo handle has an almost anatomical shape that allows comfortable and safe handling, as well as inhibiting the accumulation of fungi and bacteria.

Heat and odor resistant and easy to clean.

Use advice:

- Do not wash in the dishwasher;
- Never leave it soaking in water;
- Wash with water using a soft sponge with a few drops of neutral detergent
- Keep in a dry and ventilated;
- Let it dry naturally before storing;
- Do not microwave.

There may be slight variations in the size of the cutlery as they are handmade.