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Presso - Cup for Infusion

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    Product details

    Presso is the glass, double layer, perfect for your daily drink:

    - Add the water and ingredients for your tea

    - Press the core to mix and keep the ingredients at the bottom of the glass

    - Put the lid on so you can take the cup with you wherever you go and to help keep the fragrance of your infusion.

    - Uncover and drink directly from the glass :) 

    Capacity: 500 ml


    Press to filter: prepare whatever you want and then press the core like a French press to purify.

    Smart heat resistant: heat proof only in the grip area to save internal space for more drinks.

    Fine filtration: Stainless steel microfilter keeps all small ingredients out of the drinking area.

    Easy cleaning: design without "dead corners".

    Each component can be easily disassembled and cleaned separately.


    - Pressed Cup

    - Silicone cap

    - Silicone sleeve

    - Glass core

    - Stainless steel filter 

    @Jeep Innovation LTD