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Shaving brush

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    Get a beautiful creamy shaving lather with this shaving brush, designed to increase lather and maximize the effects of shaving soaps.

    Soft vegan bristles, ideal for sensitive skin
    Creates a rich foam
    Natural beechwood handle without varnish
    No animal products
    A wonderful alternative to badger or boar bristle brushes

    Wet the brush bristles by running it under warm water
    Gently squeeze to remove excess water
    Rub the brush in a circular motion over the shaving soap in the palm of your hand or in a bowl to create a good foam
    Apply the foam to the skin
    Rinse the powder shaving incel after each use and let it dry

    Check the water temperature. If the temperature is too high for your skin, it's too hot for the shaving brush.
    Don't pull the bristles. When you want to remove excess water, squeeze all the bristles without pulling them.
    There may be some hair falling out during the first use, but it will stabilize.
    Be gentle, press just the tip of the bristle into the soap or skin.
    After use, rinse the shaving brush and remove excess water. Let it dry on a clean towel before putting it away.
    Soap and other minerals will eventually build up on your brush. Soak it in a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water for about a minute to remove most of these deposits.