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Reusable Blade - Silver

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    Product details

    This reusable blade is designed to be minimalist, providing the best shaving quality.

    Its unique stainless steel blade offers a unique and pleasant shaving experience, respecting your skin and the planet.

    A single blade to provide a shave without irritation or hair under the skin.

    A very curved blade, with low exposure, offering a low level of aggression while maintaining its effectiveness.
    A long handle, to reach all parts of the body.
    A thin handle chiseled to give you a good grip while you shave underwater.
    A closed comb to ensure good protection to the cut and glide easily over the skin.
    Heavy and perfectly balanced, just let it glide over your skin. Gravity will do the rest.
    A sleek, modern design.

    This blade can be used on all parts of the body (beard, legs, armpits, groin, etc.) and is unisex.

    Works with universal double-edged blades..


    Brass and alloy cable of zinc.

    Dimensions: 12cm x 4.4cm

    Weight: 100g

    Works with all so-called "double-edged" universal blades

    Comes with a double edged blade, which lasts approximately 5-10 uses.
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    To fit or change the blade: Loosen the head strap by turning it clockwise. counter-clockwise. Insert the blade between the two parts that form the head and screw everything together. Once tightened, you will see that the blade is curved: this allows for a less aggressive shave.

    To shave: preferably wait until the end of the bath, when the skin and hair are softened. Apply shaving cream, soap or oil. Shave in short strokes while holding the blade at a 30° angle. If this is your first time using a razor, we advise you not to apply any pressure at all, using only the weight of the device. You will learn how much pressure you can apply to get the perfect shave.

    After shaving: dry the skin, rinse the blade under running water (with a little soap, if you prefer) and let it dry in a dry place.

    Rinse the inside and outside of the blade well after each shave to get rid of all traces of soap and hair. We recommend that you keep your razor unassembled between uses. Avoid leaving a dirty or wet blade inside the shaver, as this will cause the blade to oxidize.

    A razor can last a long time if properly maintained. That doesn't mean it will survive every drop, bump and misuse.

    Comes in a recycled/recyclable kraft paper box.