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Il Sacchino B

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    This washable paper bag is safe to use with food.

    Versatile, the Il Sacchino bag can be used:

    - On the table, like a bread basket,

    - In the kitchen, to place utensils

    - At a birthday party, to put cutlery

    - In the office, to store pencils and pens

    - In the bathroom, to store brushes, combs, brushes

    - In the living room or kitchen, to place plants

    Simple but complete shape, soft and at the same time, bent, it becomes rigid and strong.

    When not needed, they can be folded and stored away.

    These baskets are made of cellulose fiber, machine washable at 30º, with mild soap.

    They are safe to use with food (except "Red" color).

    Available in havana, grey, white and red.

    Size: 9 x 8.5 cm H: 24.5 — 17 cm