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AIRO - Mixer & Infuser

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    Set AIRO includes:

    - 1 glass cup (bottom)

    - 1 bottomless glass cup (top)

    - 1 silicone rubber with filter

    - 1 bamboo lid

    An easy infusion solution!


    Preparation easy: just put the top cup on top of the bottom cup, press a little to ensure air lock and you are ready to go!

    Lift the upper cup a little and the tea will pour into the lower cup automatically.  Place the top part on top of the bamboo lid for another use and enjoy the tea!

    Air-lock: No complicated mechanisms - "magical" air pressure takes care of all the work.< /p>

    Compatibility: The top cup is compatible with most cups / mugs . Try it out with your favorite.

    Easy clean: zero dead corner design.