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Bread Bag - Bag-again "Bread"

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    Participate in reducing plastic waste: keep your bread in a Bag-again bread bag!

    Sustainable, organic and sourced from fair trade, it looks great in your kitchen!

    Take your bread bag to the bakery and bring your lovely fresh bread home in a Bag-again bread bag instead of in a plastic bag.

    Up to 2 days, your bread stays fresh, with a great crispy crust.


    Help make the world a better place: use a bread bag from organic cotton!

    The Bag-again bread bag is made from organic cotton (GOTS certified). So there are no pesticides in the cotton in which you keep your bread and... fair working conditions!

    You can use the bread bag in your freezer. Also washing at low temperature is not a problem. But most of the time, just scrape off the crumbs and use it again!

    Size: 47 x 31 cm