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Vineyard soap

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    Wine soap from the Dão region, vine leaf and grape seed oil.

    Olive oil-based soap in which the wine and by-products reinforce the skin's hydration and cellular anti-oxidation.

    Applied directly to the skin, it promotes a light exfoliation.

    Dry skin type +++ Mixed +++ Oily ++ +

    Exfoliating Effect +++

    The vineyard is part of our identity, but its value and potential is not limited to the traditional product, wine. The vine is a plant with a life cycle with a unique dynamic that originates a set of products with high cosmetic potential - wine from the Dão region, vine leaves and grape seed oil.

    Original soap collection, with simple and harmonious illustrations that represent the differentiating raw materials of each soap.

    The soaps are natural and handcrafted using the traditional method of cold saponification, which preserves the properties of the raw materials.

    The result is a natural product to which no artificial products such as perfumes, preservatives or dyes are added. Animal testing is not performed.

    Raw materials:
    Olive oil, palm oil, water, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, wine, vine leaf, sodium hydroxide, patchouli essential oil.


    Packaging: 100 gr. Beige duplex card. Illustrations by artist Nuno Pereira