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Amor Luso

Animal Soap

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Soap for animals, abundant foam and easy to rinse to leave no residue.

With the presence of two essential oils that work as natural repellents.

Animals like us need to be well taken care of. To meet this need in terms of hygiene care, we created a delicate soap, special and with natural products for pets, which live outside the natural environment. The most important thing was to ensure that it washed well, without harming the skin and fur.

Original soap collection, with simple and harmonious illustrations that represent the differentiating raw materials of each soap.

The soaps are natural and handcrafted using the traditional method of cold saponification, which preserves the properties of the raw materials.

The result is a natural product to which no artificial products such as perfumes, preservatives or dyes are added. Animal testing is not performed.

Raw materials: Olive oil, water, palm oil, coconut oil, eucalyptus essential oil, sodium hydroxide, citronella essential oil

Package of 100 gr, made of beige recycled duplex cardboard