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Notebook Save Your History

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    Dreams, thoughts, memories, anecdotes and stories from your life.

    Alone, with his thoughts, a notebook and the soft sound of birdsong.

    Daily pressures slide into the background as pen dances on paper.

    The notebook is 14.2x21 cm, 216 pages in 100 gram wood-free paper  and a front and back cover in 350 gram white kraft paper.


    Give your thoughts a home in this notebook and keep your memories.

    The notebook unfolds easily. The pages form six layers, alternating between white and amber, giving the book a decorative appearance when viewed from the side.

    The notebook can be used for any purpose. You can use color variation to create different sections.

    When you open the book, you will find a page where you can add your name, address and phone number if you wish.