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GINA Coffee Machine

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Surprise your family and friends by brewing the perfect coffee in a charming way.

The GINA coffee machine is very versatile. It allows you to prepare your coffee in 3 ways:

  • Filtering (pour-over)
  • Infusion
  • Cold Drip

You can also prepare your own tea.


Height - 34.5 cm

Width - 16.3 cm

Depth - 13.5 cm

Weight - 1.4 kg

Capacity - 750 ml


One ​​device, 3 coffee brewing methods:

1. FILTERING (POUR-OVER) one of the preparation methods most popular coffee makers offer the clearest, purest flavor your coffee can offer.

2. IMMERSION how does the ground coffee come into contact with the longer, this method brings out richer, stronger flavors with more body.

3. COLD DRIP putting drops of water to slowly drip over the freshly ground coffee beans for a few hours, you will be rewarded with a smooth drink, like a coffee liqueur.

The GINA coffee machine comprises:

- Ceramic funnel and lid< /span>

- Stainless steel valve

- Stainless steel base

- Glass jug (750 ml) and set for making cold coffee (Cold Drip)