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LILY Glass Bottle

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Whether for work, school or the gym, don't forget to bring your reusable water bottle.

It has a practical, easy-to-hold design and is very elegant.

Reduce plastic waste and adopt healthy habits!

The bottle has a lilac colored silicone protection at the bottom.

Capacity: 550 ml

High quality borosilicate glass bottle.

Resistant to major temperature changes, so it's safe to put hot tea in the bottle.

The nozzle is just the right size to easily add ice if you want.

Tips for taking care of your bottle:

- Regular cleaning, to maintain the quality of your bottle and preserve the taste and quality of your drinks

- Wash your bottle with hot water and mild soap at least once a day. And for a deep clean, use hot water, vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda.

- Leave the open bottle to dry upside down to avoid moisture in the cap.

- When not using the bottle, store it without the cap to allow the inside to dry.

- The bottle is dishwasher safe, but to preserve the protective silicone band and cap, we suggest not placing them in the dishwasher.