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Amor Luso

Zero Solid Shampoo

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    Zero Waste * Sustainable * Vegan * Handcrafted

    Solid shampoos - available in 4 varieties:

    - For dry hair (Olive oil and cocoa butter)

    - For mixed hair (Olive oil and grape seeds)

    - For oily hair (Olive Oil and Charcoal)

    - Shampoo and conditioner (oil and shea butter, suitable for oily hair)

    Natural and plant-based ingredients.

    Not tested on animals.


    Good hair care starts with a good wash, so we have a simple solution for every hair type.

    These four products derive from the Só Sabão brand and are a selection and/or orientation of four solid shampoos for dry, mixed and oily hair, which are based on natural and plant-based ingredients, making them a vegan product.

    This range presents an important novelty. It's the simplest packaging and ends up being a return to the origins because this was Amor Luso's first packaging model, being 100% in untreated recycled paper.

    This is the beginning of the Zero Waste line.

    Illustration by artist Nuno Pereira.

    Package of 100 gr.